Tanker Chronicles

We were recently engaged by the Shire of Esperance to work on the newly launched "Tanker Chronicles" tribute project, from both a branding, marketing AND consultation perspective...

The “Tanker Chronicles” project focuses on gathering and recording community memories and engagement with the iconic Esperance Tanker Jetty over the last 86 years and then documenting them into an important historical collection. The“Tanker Chronicles” project centres around stories that pay tribute to the sense of community pride and engagement with the Esperance Tanker Jetty, whilst paying homage to the social & emotional connection.

Community memoirs gathered throughout the “Tanker Chronicles” Project will be accurately documented, recorded and then archived in a comprehensive Esperance Museum Display and complete archival record – to be enjoyed and remembered for years to come as an important historical collection. A select range of community submissions will be utilised in the interpretive signage design of the replacement jetty and will be featured on interpretive nodes referencing the Tanker Jetty’s historical significance within our community.

We have created a website: tankerchronicles.com which was designed to inform the public about the project, and also provide a place for our community to submit their stories. We designed posters that have been distributed throughout town to create awareness and encourage those to submit their stories. Along with this, we created flyers which will be handed out at local events - so the community can take them home and find out more in their own time... To encourage everyone to share their stories, we have also devised a double-sided submission slip which allows people to handwrite their story and send to the Shire for free.

We are looking forward to receiving these stories and creating a comprehensive Esperance Museum Display and complete archival record.