How does a farmer's daughter with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science end up in the marketing game? After many years working in hospitality whilst studying, I ended up back in a regional town managing the Cellar Door of a winery while I searched for that elusive dream job. Instead I found myself learning a lot about a different industry and a husband! When my first child was born in 2015, my role shifted to Marketing Coordinator and I worked from home with a well-known Sydney marketing agency to plan and execute projects to grow our brand.

My strengths lie in organisation and coordination - in the past few years I've become an expert at managing different ideas and people. I really enjoy the copy-writing side of marketing too - whether it be social media content, blog posts, email newsletters or brand stories. After working for one brand for so long, I'm excited to work with a variety of businesses from different sectors and share my ideas! In my spare time (though as anyone with kids can attest, there's not a lot of this on hand) I love to play tennis and hockey, hit the beach and camp around Esperance with my family.