As a mother of 3, I was kept super busy in my role as the boss of snack time, but left hungry for more than day-to-day normality. Leaving behind a previous work life of customer service, retail & hairdressing... in search for a greater personal challenge & reward that didn’t come pre-fit in a box.

I have a passion for online marketing (and shopping!!) and previous experience in managing a variety of digital account identities. This, combined with a natural ability to identify my client’s unique positives, now finds me here at Wayward Nation - in the rewarding role as a digital marketer and the studio’s very own cob-loaf chef.

I can safely say that I am now many things (above and beyond just a “snack boss”). I’m an encourager, I’m a promoter of greatness, I’m a truth seeker, an information curator and a challenge wrangler. I am constantly discovering new pathways and letting my brain absorb it all like a sponge...