My Instagram will tell you I’m a photographer, adventurer and nature lover, I’m also a believer that less is more. And more or less I’m a designer.

Quick recap: It started with a love of photography and a plan! Plans change though, and mine altered during the search for an online photography qualification, where I found the only course offering a photography unit was Certificate III in Graphic Arts, so I enrolled. Seven years later, I’ve developed a career in Local Government, taken thousands of photos and finished a Diploma in Graphic Design along the way! My previous career path blossomed through my meticulous nature and love for pretty but functional documents.

Phew, back to the present: Wayward Nation presented me with a new path to embrace my creative side, take more photos and continue channeling my meticulous disposition. So now days you can find me behind my camera or computer, capturing and creating for our clients. Graphic Design is functional art, we make things pretty and useful. We’re a pretty useful bunch!