We have expanded our team again! Meet Abi, our newest Senior Designer from London, she loves a good cuppa ☕️😉. “After graduating university with a degree in graphic design and working as a brand stylist for over a year, I left London to travel around Asia. I spent 6 months exploring caves, temples, waterfalls and hidden beaches before moving to Esperance in hope to fill my desperate need to design


Business branding is most certainly our cup of tea, and fellow entrepreneur @juncturecart has been flat stick brewing up a coffee (and branding) storm down at all the local hangs☕️🤙🏼 Cheers for allowing us to be a part of the pop-up coffee dream since it was just a concept in your pretty little head ⚡️ JUNCTURE: [juhngk-cher] noun. a serious state of {well branded} affairs 👊🏻💥


We’re celebrating #internationalwomensday by officially hiring another amazing lady! Please welcome Lucy to our growing @wayward.nation family. She’s here on a Friday, picking up the general office admin slack while we work on some major projects this year yay! .